A Better Way to Home Ownership

… from 1 Oct 2013, fewer home loans will be available if you have a deposit of 20% or less.  But whatever your situation, we’ll help guide you through the process of getting a home of your own, now or in the future.  Our residential leases with the option to buy the house means:

  • No more ‘dead’ rent
  • No bank qualifying or loan required
  • Owner finance / vendor finance


  • You start living in your home right away, even if you can’t get a bank loan
  • You enjoy home ownership benefits, such as capital gains
  • It will generally cost you less than a mortgage
  • You’re protected by a residential tenancy agreement
  • You have the option, but not the obligation, to buy (you can walk away)
  • You can add value to the property
  • The purchase price for the property is agreed up front
  • Gives you time to resolve any credit issues
  • Compulsory savings for your deposit
  • You can take pride in your house and have a sense of home ownership
  • You have the right to sell the property
  • You can renovate the property and the increased value benefits YOU

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